Jonathan Casey Electronic Music Samples

Ahhh synthesizers, I do love them. I grew up a fan of electronic artists, Vangelis, Jan Hammer, Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream among my first musical purchases. The first pieces of music I ever wrote were synth instrumentals (what a serious child I was) – so I’m not a blow-in round these parts!

Here are some pieces that I wrote in electronic style for films in the last few years.

‘Overexposure’ Main Theme

My first collaboration with producer Eilis Abbott, this is an evocative, mysterious tune for a film about the perils of the photograph.


‘Salesman’ from ‘One Degree’

Now this is a bit unusual. Paul McDermott asked me could I compose some extremely hardcore breakbeat music to represent the murderous salesman in his film ‘One Degree’. Be warned!


‘Suburban Sonata’ from ‘Spectrum’

I love this short directed by Gary White and really enjoyed composing the score, though it came at a rather sad time for me. But the film was really charming, following an autistic brother dealing with his more significantly autistic older brother.