Jonathan Casey Film Music Samples – Rock Style

Here’s a pretty obvious genre for me – I’m a rock musician by trade, singing and playing guitar for… ohhh… many years. You don’t need to know the details really, ahem.

Wild Grinders

I’ve got a gazillion examples of fast action rock tracks I composed for the TV series Wild Grinders (104 episodes of this show have been made) – here is just one!

Not Guilty

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, I love the band King Crimson and here’s a tune of mine that is influenced by that group’s ostinato guitar parts and duelling rhythms.

‘Committing The Truth’ Documentary

‘Committing The Truth’ is a great documentary from Cathal Burke and Niamh Heery, which tells the story of Whistleblower Noel Wardick. The music was in a rock style, with a much more Indie flavour, have a listen.


Having been a modern rock singer-songwriter and the rest, I have got tonnes of my own rock songs I could show you, but this is just to let you know that if you need some rock, I’m here and can do it, OK?