Jonathan Casey Offbeat/Indie/Acoustic Film Music Samples

Welcome to the everything else page! A lot of directors like to use close quarters acoustic or roots music in their films. Here are some examples of music I have done in this area…

Bleeding Love

Turn up the TV during an ad break and you are sure to soon hear some delicate, pretty acoustic music, which serves to remind the viewer that the product being advertised is warm, personable, they’re your friend. Ged asked me for some of that type of music for his hilarious film ‘Bleeding Love’.

Dark Rosaleen by De Dannan – Orchestra Arrangement by myself

De Dannan were planning concerts that would have them performing with a live orchestra and I was asked to orchestrate some arrangements for them. They quite liked my lively take on things and got me to do lots more, which was great fun. Here’s one of their songs with my orchestration turned up a bit!

Story Of Our Time – World Music

This is a track that I always like when I hear it. That’s one of the wonderful things about music – you can create something once and if you really like it, it can bring you some happy again and again. The music is from Kate McLaughlin’s documentary ‘Story Of Our Time’, which follows Somalian Ali Bursari in his journey to England.

‘Someday’ from ‘The Caged Bird’

In Ronan O’Sullivan’s film ‘The Caged Bird’, the lead actress plays a singer who sings this particular song live on screen (hey Les Miserables, we did it first!). The music then morphs into some murder music as the action moves to a different location – her poor mother is getting whacked. Criminals: they’re not nice people, folks.