"The best use of music in a film since 'A Clockwork Orange'". Oscar-winning director Jim Sheridan describing 'STALKER' 2014: music composed by Jonathan Casey.
Jim Sheridan, Director
Jonathan brought a vast measure of creativity, tenacity and sophistication to his original score for 'King of the Waves'. I haven't worked with a more professional, committed, or talented creative individual then Jonathan. It was a hugely informative collaboration, I would be lucky to work with him again.
Luke Leslie, Director
"I have worked with Jonathan on a number of projects and he has always been a delight to collaborate with. In addition to his extraordinary musical talents, he is enthusiastic and generous in how he works. The biggest project we have made together is a short film called Deerfall. It was a real thrill working with Jonathan on this film. I couldn't believe how fast and deeply he 'got' what I was looking for and what the story demanded. I sent him the script and we had a brief chat about the mood of the music. He promised to send me some mood ideas the next day but ended up sending through a finished piece of music, which became the main piece of theme music in the film, almost without change. It was an incredible experience when I played that piece for the first time, it was so moving and so perfect for the film. I have only ever had the most wonderful experiences working with Jonathan, my advice to anyone considering working with him is get him while you can." Kate McLaughlin, Director, Twentyten Films
Kate McLaughlin, Director
"For my film 'Screenshot', I needed a strong, vibrant piece that would make its unusual visual style come to life. Through blind luck, I stumbled upon Jonathan Casey. I gave Jonathan a brief idea of what I wanted, and he sent on a sample of music he had previously written. It was all I could listen to for two weeks. I couldn't believe my luck that I had found such a talented composer and better yet that he was willing to create an original piece for something I had written. When the music came through for 'Screenshot' I was utterly delighted with its beauty, strength, power and hypnotic pace. I maintain that the score Jonathan wrote for us is a key reason behind the films continuing success. It has been screened on HBO Europe, RTE and offically selected at Tribeca, Seoul (Special Jury Winner), Kiev, Bristol, Alberta & Galway. Jonathan is communicative, open to ideas and suggestions, punctual, friendly and tremendously talented. He will be my first and only choice for my next project." Cathal Burke
Cathal Burke, Director
"We were shooting "The Caged Bird", a dark piece about revenge and murder. Jonathan was recommended through a friend who knew just how good his music was. He read the script and agreed to get involved in the project. When it was ready, he took the finished film and added music that not only told the story through musical notes, but elevated the piece to new heights. I am delighted to have worked with Jonathan. His music leaves audiences breathless." Ronan O'Sullivan - Jalalabad Productions
Ronan O’Sullivan, Director