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Jonathan Casey Music Showreel

Here’s my example of every style under the sun. This isn’t the same as my Video Showreel, because I couldn’t include things in the video like rolling credit sequences, music for audiobooks… stuff that you can’t or wouldn’t watch easily. So here is a different selection that’s nice to listen to – enjoy!

RTE Interview

I was interviewed by RTE on the subject of film composing for The Business program, presented by George Lee. I contacted composer Greg Magee to join me, he’s a great expert in this field. On listening to this interview, both his and my parents weren’t sure who was talking when, me or him! I guess we sound rather similar!

Hunter – from ‘Deerfall’

Here’s one of those curious, creative situations – you write something new, just like any other day and you like it the same as anything else you’ve produced. But then you’re surprised when people LOVE that piece in particular. That happened with this track. Hunter seems to strike a strong chord with certain listeners – give it a go yourself and see!

See You Around – 20-piece string orchestra

A little story about this one. The great Don Ray from UCLA was my composition tutor and schooled just about every composer in Ireland at some stage. The session where this track was recorded was being conducted by Don, but unfortunately, I knew in advance that I would not be there for it. I also knew that Don was advanced in years and not in top health and just possibly, this might be the last session we would have – and I would be missing it.
So when writing the piece, I decided to call it ‘See You Around’, as I wasn’t going to be able to tell him that in person. I imagined that when he put the score on his stand to conduct and read the title at the top of the page, he would get the idea that I was saying farewell.
And sadly, I never did see him again. Back in Los Angeles, he passed away not long after.
So here’s Don conducting ‘See You Around’.

A Story Told Through Film Music

Have a listen to this – my jokey dash through some very familiar film music styles in just 30 seconds. I put this together for The Business show on RTE when we’re being interviewed, to demonstrate what us composers do, in a light-hearted way.

 BBC – Jonathan on the Gerry Anderson Show

Here’s me bigging up my album on the BBC’s Gerry Anderson Show. By the way, if you’re reading this and you don’t own my album – you’d better head over to Amazon and sort that out pronto.