Jonathan Casey Minimalist Music Samples

I have noticed that quite a lot of directors favour minimalist music for their projects. It might not be the most popular genre on iTunes, but it’s incredibly popular with those working in the visual arts. It’s a music style that matches many visions. The wonderful work of composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich & Michael Nyman has broadened the reach of the minimalist musical sensibility for everybody.

When I was first asked to compose in this genre, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to do it well – but it turned out to be some of the best work I have done.

‘Hunter’ from ‘Deerfall’

I wrote this piece straight from the amazing script of Deerfall, by Kate McLaughlin. The script fueled the music, then the music fueled the film shoot, in wonderful Leone-Morricone fashion. No live instruments; this is me playing samples on this track.

‘Photocopy’ from ‘Magic Hour’

I worked on the film ‘Magic Hour’ during the Moonstone sessions and was fortunate to have live orchestra instruments on the score. This one mixes analogue electronics with real strings and brass.

‘Collisions’ from ‘Screenshot’

I had a wonderful opportunity to score this great short film ‘Screenshot’ 2012 (dir. by Cathal Burke), as it had no dialogue, just score. You can really aim for a significant composition in that open space. Again, Cathal was into the idea of having some minimalist orchestral music on there, so that’s what I did, using just samples.