Welcome to my VIDEO page. Check out a variety of films connected with me. They all feature my music, but sometimes you’ll even see me on screen. For that, I apologise in advance.

Jonathan Casey Composer Showreel

Here’s my recent video show reel, with plenty of different styles on show.

These are all the clips that I’m allowed to include, lots of things I have worked on, I wouldn’t have the right to reproduce here. But you can certainly get an idea from these…

De Dannan Live in China

Hey Ma, I’m on TV… Chinese TV! This is a clip from De Dannan performing with the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra live on TV in Beijing, watched by 500 million viewers. I composed and arranged the orchestra’s music. The band and I hit it off after I orchestrated a track of theirs, Dark Rosaleen; we were on the same wavelength. So they got me to orchestrate some more pieces – this being the finale of the show, ‘Planet Ireland’…

Screenshot (Dir. Cathal Burke) 2012

This excellent short, written and directed by Cathal Burke, attained great success at festivals around the world and was broadcast on RTE and HBO. Nice to see that a number of comments on its YouTube page are asking what the music is called! A film that has no spoken dialogue, affording a blank canvas to the film music composer, is a real treat to work on. Cathal was hoping for music in a minimalist classical style, so that’s what I did!

‘The Opening Night’ – Interview

Here’s a little interview promo for the release of my album ‘The Opening Night’, where you can see shots of Bluebird Studios where we do our live ensemble recording. In this case though, the ensemble was just me, over and over again!

King Of The Waves (Dir. Luke Leslie) 2010

Luke is an immensely talented visual artist; this is one of his first short films There is sea-faring in my blood, so the whole concept appealed to me and I loved the atmosphere of it. We went for a strong Thomas Newman vibe on this – a wonderful composer, a lot of fun to paint using those synth+orchestra colours.

Digicel 4G Ad Campaign

Here’s my music on the Digicel TV commercial for their 4G capabilities. These people are getting 4G on the beach in their country – in Ireland, we are not blessed with such facilities yet!


Deerfall (Dir. Kate McLaughlin) 2012

LOVE this film. Kate is such a sophisticated film maker. I composed a lot of the music on this film from the script alone – the visual atmosphere was so clearly there on the page. A beautiful piece of work. The closing piece I composed for this is called ‘Hunter’: it seems to press people’s buttons in particular, see if you like it.

Deerfall from Twentyten Films on Vimeo.

The Kooky Ukes

Here’s a sweet video of my ukulele trio, The Kooky Ukes, directed by Padraig Baggott. This is a fun enterprise in every sense, fun for us and we seem to make people smile.

Big Time – Peter Gabriel

I’m forever bemused by the cut-throat extremes of the fame industry; a machine that places a lot of desperate and deluded dreamers in the care of ravenous sharks. Being a bit of a dreamer (A BIT?!) myself, I am familiar with the feeling! But people wanting to be famous for its own sake are bearing witness to the fiction on TV screens and believing they are watching the full reality.

So here’s my recent cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Big Time’ from ‘So’, which is still relevant today, for somewhat different reasons, 30 years later.