Jonathan Casey Film Music Composer

Hello! I'm Jonathan.


"I haven't worked with a more professional,
committed or talented creative individual than Jonathan."
I would be lucky to work with him again."
Director Luke Leslie, Replayhouse

I'm an Irish composer
and I'm happiest when writing music.


Songwriter and Composer

Jonathan composes film music
& writes songs. All day long.

Get in touch. He's probably writing right now.



Jonathan Casey also performs music.

He sings and plays all around the world.
Stops for dinner. Then plays again.

what I do...


I'm happiest when writing music and I'll make you happier. I'll write any music, in any style, for any ensemble that you want and when we're done, I'll go ahead and write some more. 


I am a film score nerd and buff; it's my passion. I always know how to make the right music and I'll make it sound amazing. Too much misspent youth devouring TV, movies and soundtracks has made me an expert in this field. 


I play piano, guitar, ukulele and sing - I do these at a professional session level, performing top level gigs in different roles in different bands.


Clients like it when I arrange and orchestrate their music for orchestra, because I hear unusual possibilities and can take things to new levels.
Just ask De Dannan, MrNorth
& Fusion Family.

Jonathan Casey Band

Jonathan Casey

Jonathan Casey Film Music Composer

Jonathan Casey is a film music composer, songwriter, performing musician and writer from Ireland.

Jonathan has written for feature films, US & UK national television, advertising, shorts…. and also for fun.

He has fronted bands in the US, Japan, UK & Italy. As a recording artist, he is signed to LYTE Records and has also composed instrumental concert music that has been performed by orchestras across the States, China, Australia, Bulgaria, France and the UK.

He has orchestrated for bands including De Dannan for tours and shows around the world.

Jonathan is also a busy performing musician, entertaining the public, singing out front or lurking behind keyboards in clubs and venues all over Ireland.

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My latest updates

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