15 August 2012

August 15, 2012 Blog 0 Comments

Well, that’s Anna Rice and I all done on Season 1 of the Wild Grinders TV Series, all the tunes are complete, all the grooves are replete, 9 months of happy composing for the show.

We’ve completed the 52nd and final episode now, audiences are only half way through at the moment, so that final episode won’t be broadcast on Nick Toons for a considerable time yet – you’ll just have to wait, y’all!

Imagine working on one of those TV shows where, as a crew member, you witness major developments in the plot and have to say nothing for AGES. It would be like those people who have read all of the available Game Of Thrones novels and are thus spoiled several years in advance of broadcast. I have to say, GoT fans seem to be pretty good at keeping quiet, considering all they know!