5 June 2012

June 5, 2012 Blog 0 Comments

Finally holding the album in my hands. Can’t believe it really.

So my mug is going to start showing up on E4, starting this week; we have a TV ad for the album. Keep an eye out on shows like The Big Bang Theory, Inbetweeners, Gok Wan (‘Maureen, let’s show off those fabulous tits’ etc). Big shout out to Mick Paul for doing the voiceover.

Cathal Burke has been working on a video for Whirlwind, which we shot in Bluebird Studios and in Dublin City Centre, along with Gary White and Niamh Heery. I’m currently working on Cathal and Niamh’s documentary about extremely questionable practices in the Irish Red Cross – it’s an excellent piece of work and fun to work on.