Maximum Disney

April 3, 2014 Blog 0 Comments

The music I had to compose for today’s WG cartoon episode was another ‘first’ for me. The reason this show has a lot of ‘first’ times is that it’s a wonderful whirl of parodies, characters and settings, all with their own musical strands. So if a rock music character finds themselves in a time vortex (a visual idea that has a traditional, musical identity), then those two styles merge for a while. This makes for fascinating film music composition – and great fun.

Today’s blend was frantic, frenetic, distorted guitars meets Disney, regal and pretty, orchestral and light – with the inclusion of some R’n’B, vinyl scratching aspects for a touch of urbanity.

This is a combination I may never, ever be asked to produce again in my lifetime, so it’s awesome that I got to do it today.