We’ll Always Have Paris… or Rennes. Rennes was nice too.

April 15, 2014 Blog 0 Comments

This last weekend saw yours truly in a frantic race against time, darting around Ireland, performing 9 shows in 4 days. No need to be maths wizard to spot that 9 into 4 doesn’t go too smoothly. Lucky that Ireland is a fairly small place; getting from one side to another isn’t that bad. We were down to Cork, up to Belfast, across to Galway and back to Dublin, carrying our ukuleles, guitars, drums and synths everywhere we went.

But most worthy of note on each night that we played, was having to miss live performances of my orchestral music in France. The Orchestra Of Bretagne played several dates conducted by the great Derek Gleeson. They stopped off at Rennes and L’Arcadie.

If you’re handy with your French (unlike myself), you can read what they said about me….

Compositeur de chansons, chanteur lui-même, pianiste et guitariste, réputé aussi pour ses musiques destinées à la télévision américaine, Jonathan Casey utilise toutes les formes et techniques actuelles, du classique du rock, de l’orchestre symphonique à l’électronique.
The Steeplechase offre la particularité de présenter une mélodie et des danses traditionnelles soutenues par un accompagnement orchestral élaboré. A la sécheresse des rythmes répond une pâte sonore dense et lyrique.